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Zepheira Team Members Contribute to Project Management Book

Zepheira team members David Wood and Kathy MacDougall and Zepheira contractor James Leigh contributed ten of the 97 tips found in O’Reilly Media’s new book 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know.

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OCLC Launches new PURL server built by Zepheira

On July 27, 2009 Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) upgraded their PURL server to a new open source platform built by Zepheira. OCLC’s upgrade reflects their continued support to provide persistent, stable World Wide Web (WWW) addresses for the international library and education community, government, business, and non-profit organizations, and private citizens. OCLC’s PURL server currently resolves approximately two million PURLs per day.

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Revelytix Announces Mulgara Support in Knoodl

Revelytix, Inc. announced the incorporation of the Mulgara RDF triple store into Knoodl.com , along with Krule, a rules engine that is built into Mulgara. Zepheira partner David Wood , a co-founder of the Mulgara project, was quoted as saying, “The Mulgara Semantic Store community welcomes Revelytix to its group of production users and appreciates […]

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Zepheira launches community site for PURL Software

Zepheira has announced the launch of a community Web site for the Open Source Persistent URL (PURL) software. The new community site at purlz.org is intended to become a focal point for further development of the PURL software. The site provides access to mailing lists, coordinated bug reporting, a forum for feature requests and community discussions, documentation and access to the software. The full press release is here .

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