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American Library Association 2014 Annual Conference

There was a strong Zepheira presence at last month’s American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in Las Vegas. We announced our new Libhub initiative as well as additional products and services we are offering to help libraries take advantage of BIBFRAME and Library Linked Data. Denver Public Library purchased the first Libhub Early Adopter Package on […]

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Exhibit 3 Face to Face meeting boosts the project

A few Zepheirans met with their colleagues on the collaborative Exhibit 3 project, building a publishing framework for large scale data-rich interactive Web pages, building on the success of the original Exhibit. Meeting in space generously provided by Google in Mountain View, CA, key project members from Google, MIT, The Library of Congress and Zepheira discussed progress, technical issues […]

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Akara Presentation Coming at XML Prague

Zepheira partner Uche Ogbuji will be presenting the Akara open source project to XML technology professionals at 2011 XML Prague.  The presentation “Akara – Spicy Bean Fritters and XML Data Services” will provide a technical overview of the project, which has been used in Zepheira work with the US Library of Congress, MIT, Sun Microsystems and much […]

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XML Prague Program Committee Includes Zepheira Partner

Zepheira partner Uche Ogbuji is serving on the 2011 XML Prague (themed “Web and XML”) Program Committee.  Mr. Ogbuji offers his experience with XML and other formats processed in pipelines of broadly-sourced data.

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