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Viewshare User Stories Emerge

The Library of Congress has launched the Viewshare User Stories page, and it already has compelling examples of curators maintaining digital collections in the areas of education (University of Mississippi and Desegregation of Virginia Education [DOVE] project), preservation/display of cultural artifacts (Brooklyn Public Library) and environment (California Digital Library). Viewshare continues to grow and evolve, and we look […]

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Viewshare named one of the Top Ten Digital Preservation Developments of 2011

Library of Congress has named Viewshare as one the most memorable digital preservation happenings of 2011 on their blog The Signal. Other developments recognized in 2011 were, the National Digital Steward Alliance and the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Program. The Library of Congress, in partnership with Zepheira, launched Viewshare.org in November 2011. Viewshare is […]

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Library of Congress launches Recollection as Viewshare.org

The Library of Congress, in partnership with Zepheira, has launched its latest version of Recollection as a newly branded site called Viewshare.org. Viewshare.org is a platform for empowering curators, archivists, and librarians to provide access to the digital cultural heritage objects they are preserving. The transition to the new domain name represents a more significant […]

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October 6, Day of Digital Archives

Day of Digital Archives is an initiative spearheaded by Gretchen Gueguen, Digital Archivist at the University of Virgina, to raise awareness of digital archives by engaging practitioners in the field to describe their work via social media.  As we work with digital archives on a daily basis, we are pleased to be able to participate. […]

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The Art of Linked Data: Architecting Recollection

Uche Ogbuji has authored the column “The Art of Linked Data: Architecting Recollection” for semanticweb.com. In this article, he discusses observations, reflections and practical advice from various projects applying Linked Data and thus Semantic Web principles across diverse domains.

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Open Source Release of Recollection Platform

Zepheira, in conjunction with the Library of Congress, is pleased to announce the full open source release of the Recollection software platform. Recollection is a web application that enables librarians, archivists, curators, and historians to create dynamic interfaces to cultural heritage collections. To learn more about Recollection (Update: now Viewshare), visit the site or watch […]

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Linked Data at the Library of Congress

Laura Campbell, CIO of the Library of Congress, spoke at the recent Semantic Technologies Conference about how the world’s largest library leverages semantic technology to help manage the vast resources of the LoC. In her keynote address, Ms. Campbell spoke about how the Library of Congress is leveraging linked data technologies in three key areas: […]

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Fast Company highlights Project Recollection

Tim Carmody of Fast Company magazine introduces Project Recollection to a broader audience in the article “Recollection: A Collaborative Tool For Sharing And Visualizing Cultural Data” (8 June 2011).  His overview of the system, which Zepheira is developing in partnership with the U.S. Library of Congress, has the following subtitle: A new service from the Library of […]

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Library of Congress Hosting Recollection Workshop on 19 April

The NDIIPP Program at the Library of Congress will be hosting a free online workshop for digital preservation partners next Tuesday, April 19th at 1ET. Trevor Owens will demonstrate how preservation partners can use this free Library of Congress-sponsored software to easily create intuitive interfaces to their digital collections. Details and registration information

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Zepheira and Partners to speak at 2011 Semantic Technology Conference

Zepheira team members and partners will be speaking at the 2011 Semantic Technology Conference to be held in San Francisco June 5-9. Talks will highlight practical applications of linked data technologies in collaboration with the Library of Congress and MIT: Closing Keynote: Semantic Technology at the Library of Congress: Laura Campbell, Associate Librarian for Strategic […]

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