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Zepheira featured in Investor’s Business Daily Web 3.0 article

Investor’s Business Daily interviewed Eric Miller of Zepheira for an article on Web 3.0

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Zepheira Featured in EWeek Article on Semantic Web

Jim Rapoza interviewed Eric Miller in an Eweek Etech article which discussed the Semantic Web and its use in the data integration landscape.

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Zepheira Featured in EContent Podcast on Semantic Web

Michelle Manafy interviewed Eric Miller in an EContent magazine podcast which touched on Semantic Web in general and Zepheira in particular.

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IEEE Software News Feature on Semantic Software Maintenance

IEEE Software editors spot coming trend.

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Bridging the Gap between Semantic Web and Web 2.0 workshop at ESWC 2007

Workshop to bring Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web closer.

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Making Semantics Work For Business workshop at ESWC 2007

Workshop to demonstrate semantic solutions for businesses.

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Zepheira featured in BusinessWeek Podcast

Rachael King of BusinessWeek interviewed Eric Miller in a podcast, “The CEO Guide to the Semantic Web”

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Zepheira featured in MIT Tech Review article

“Part I: A Smarter Web”, a feature article by John Borland in the March, 2007 edition of MIT Technology Review, includes significant coverage of Zepheira, touching on the company’s professional work, and the personal journey of President Eric Miller.

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