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Reflections on SemTech 2009

The 2009 Semantic Technologies Conference was held in San Jose the week of June 15, 2009 and proved to be a showcase of market trends in the use of semantic technologies. Each year the conference has grown in number of use cases demonstrating real-world application of these technologies and this year was no different. In addition, the number of vendors offering solutions grew, providing implementers a wide variety of options. Attendance and exciting announcements from Google, Microsoft, Siri, the New York Times, Zepheira, and others rounded out another successful year of the conference.

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Freemix Planned to Launch at Semantic Technology Conference 2009

Zepheira is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of Freemix , a social networking site for data and the people who use it. Freemix will be officially launched at the Semantic Technologies Conference in San Jose, California on June 16, 2009.

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Zepheira Announces Freemix New Social Networking Site for Data Sharing

A new semantic web technology platform that enables data collaboration via the Web. Freemix is a free social networking site for wrapping, exposing and sharing data.

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New STC08 site built by Zepheira

The new Semantic Technology Conference 2008 site built by Zepheira demonstrates the practical value of the Semantic technology with innovative features such as a dynamic scheduler and a conference session Weblog. The dynamic scheduler provides a faceted browse interface for the program, including features for interactively building a custom schedule.

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