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Uche Ogbuji features on IBM developerWorks’ weekly podcast

Uche Ogbuji, partner at Zepheira, has a couple of new articles out at IBM developerWorks. In “Do more in CSS with LESS” he discusses how to simplify the writing & maintenance of responsive design styles for modern web pages. Learn how to use LESS to write readable and maintainable Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for modern […]

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Article introducing Data.gov for government agencies

IBM developerWorks published an article by Uche Ogbuji, “Data.gov for government agencies:” Because people are more aware of the value of open data, entire new economies have sprung up around its use and management. Sophisticated taxpayers often demand open access to public data from governments, and even less informed users want to know how this […]

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The Art of Linked Data: Architecting Recollection

Uche Ogbuji has authored the column “The Art of Linked Data: Architecting Recollection” for semanticweb.com. In this article, he discusses observations, reflections and practical advice from various projects applying Linked Data and thus Semantic Web principles across diverse domains.

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Akara Presentation Coming at XML Prague

Zepheira partner Uche Ogbuji will be presenting the Akara open source project to XML technology professionals at 2011 XML Prague.  The presentation “Akara – Spicy Bean Fritters and XML Data Services” will provide a technical overview of the project, which has been used in Zepheira work with the US Library of Congress, MIT, Sun Microsystems and much […]

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XML Prague Program Committee Includes Zepheira Partner

Zepheira partner Uche Ogbuji is serving on the 2011 XML Prague (themed “Web and XML”) Program Committee.  Mr. Ogbuji offers his experience with XML and other formats processed in pipelines of broadly-sourced data.

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Akara.info site launched for the Akara OSS project

Zepheira has created a main website for Akara in order to help users discover and learn about this open source project. Akara is an open-source (Apache License, Version 2.0) Web framework specialized for RESTful data services, especially involving XML and other semi-structured formats. You express data models and create transforms based on these data models, […]

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Library of Congress holds Digital Preservation Partners Meeting

The Library of Congress will hold the annual Digital Preservation Partners Meeting July 20 – 22, 2010 in Arlington, VA. Themes include “Collaboratives”, “Information Environment” and “Expanding the Archive”. A half day workshop will be held on Recollection, a project with the U.S. Library of Congress and the National Digital Information Infrastructure Partner Program (NDIIPP) […]

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March 2010 Akara project package releases

After On the heels of the Recent Akara Sprint, there have followed releases of the project.

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Akara Summit March, 2010

At the beginning of March 2010, in Boulder, Colorado, Zepheira hosted a summit and sprint for development on the Open Source Akara project, which is used by clients including The Library of Congress and Semio Clinical.

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Call for Chapters: Linking Enterprise Data

Zepheira Partners David Wood, Eric Miller and Uche Ogbuji announce a Call for Chapters for a new book to be entitled Linking Enterprise Data. The book will be published by Springer Science+Business Media. First proposal submissions are due January 31, 2010 and full chapter submissions are due April 2, 2010 to david+led@zepheira.com.

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